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Funnel plots for count data in Tableau – brute force approach

Many years ago, my former employer (and precursor to Public Health England or PHE) – the Association of Public Health Observatories, released a series of Excel spreadsheets in which the basic statistical calculations for various funnel plots were described and demonstrated.  You can still find these resources online (proportions, rates and DSRs, ISRs and SMRs, counts). […]

Hexmaps – the old fashioned (stupid) way

Some time ago, a colleague had been impressed by the Guardian’s hexmaps of the 2015 general election. He issued a challenge to try and recreate the basic premise using whatever software and techniques we had available and some uncontraversial data (population and deprivation data). The basic idea of this is that: constituencies are given a […]

Automatically backing up your Excel files

Perhaps you have a spreadsheet that is absolutely critical?  Something that, if lost or corrupted, would end your world.  Maybe it contains rankings for your favourite Star Trek episodes (TNG:E5x25 “The Inner Light” FWIW)  or something more trivial like the company’s finances? Either way, it would be a good idea to back it up to protect […]