Automatically backing up your Excel files

Perhaps you have a spreadsheet that is absolutely critical?  Something that, if lost or corrupted, would end your world.  Maybe it contains rankings for your favourite Star Trek episodes (TNG:E5x25 “The Inner Light” FWIW)  or something more trivial like the company’s finances?

Either way, it would be a good idea to back it up to protect against both loss and ballsing up some convoluted formulas you wrote, but the chances of you being able to remember to do this regularly are pretty much nil.

The sensible person might ask why store such business-critical data in a spreadsheet, rather than in a server environment with automatic backup.  Such people haven’t always had the pleasure of working in organisations where the TV is referred to as “thar’ magic box o’light pixies”.

Instead of such trickery, you can instruct the file to back itself up.  In this instance, I prefer to have the file make a copy of itself every time I save.  You may prefer to use a different workbook event. Read more